What you should know about Free Time Goods


Free Time Goods; a creation and inspiration, is founded on principals of fostering creativity, which is most easily attained in free time.  Functionality is also a key component to Free Time Goods philosophy.  The idea of functionality is most important in regard to not creating waste.  Free Time Goods supports functional art in any medium, which is open to interpretation by the artist.

The company’s products currently consist of high quality, hand-crocheted wool hats; however, potential to grow is unlimited.  Visions of an artist’s collective focusing on supporting the functional works of creative artists grows in the mind of Free Time Goods Owner and Creator, Emily Marshall.

Created out of free time in mid 2007, Free Time Goods has grown each day since is inception, and tomorrow is no exception.


Each Free Time Goods hat is hand crocheted.  In this day and age, it’s hard to find a product that is not made by machine, and the quality of craftsmanship and love put into creating each individual piece radiates from it.

One of the main goals of Free Time Goods is to support the economy through the employment of independent contractors based close to its Colorado headquarters and extending to within the United States. Small-scale production makes Free Time Goods products highly unique and desirable. If you are interested in crocheting in your free time, please contact Free Time Goods.

Our processes also include environmental initiatives such as recycling.  All scraps of yarn are kept and spun into new yarn by a local artist.  These beautiful skeins of recycled yarn are one of Free Time Goods’ most sought after items.

OUR MATERIALS -Proudly made in the USA.

The yarn used to make Free Time Hats is very special, and there are a number of reasons that make it so:

The yarn used is 100% wool, and contrary to popular belief, it is not scratchy to the skin, but quite soft.  The sheep that produce the wool used for Free Time Goods’ products are raised in Northern Colorado.  Mitchell, Nebraska is the location of a multi-functional facility that houses all related production processes such as the spinning and dyeing and mothproofing of the wool.  The dyeing process has been evolved to recycle more than 90% of the water and energy used in production.

The wool is permanently mothproofed during the dyeing process, which means no unwanted holes when you pull it out for wear, year after year.

These characteristics make the yarn used by Free Time Goods highly sustainable; because it is a renewable resource produced in the USA, which supports local economy, with processes contributing to conscious environmental impact.

A Florida based label company produces the tags sewn onto Free Time Hats, and Graphic Design and Photography have come almost exclusively from Colorado based designers and photographers.