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What makes Free Time Hats so special?

Quality – Your New Favorite Hat has a special place in your heart, not in the bottom of the closet. You love it because it’s well made, warm, fuzzy, and unique.

Style – Whether you’re rocking a plain beanie, or out on the slopes flashing the latest color, FTG has your back… err, your head covered in style.

Individuality – Free Time Hats are not mass-produced, therefore you do not have the same hat as everyone else, or hardly anyone else for that matter. In fact, why not order a custom design and be the only one!

Support – By purchasing Free Time Hats, you’re supporting a grassroots effort to sustain the US economy; and we all know it’s in dire need of support and growth. Plain and simple: Buy USA and support the process of creativity through free time.

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